Any caliber in the .270-.375 range

Important aspects to consider when selecting a rifle for hunting with Iliwa Safaris:

  • Choose a rifle with which you are confident, comfortable and can accomplish good groupings at the shooting range.
  • Choose a rifle that is not too heavy to carry for walk and stalk purposes.
  • Choose a rifle that doesn’t have an ugly recoil because it definitely influences one’s shooting ability negatively.
  • Practice as often as possible before the hunt commences at a shooting range, from a sitting position and also standing, using a bipod. These two styles are most frequently used when hunting with Iliwa Safaris.
  • Use good and clear telescopic sights and quality mount rings on ones rifle.
  • Use a strong shock-resistant rifle case for transporting rifles.
  • Rifles can be hired. Please refer to the trophies an rates page.


Important aspects when bringing ones own rifle:
Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes will be asked to fill in a SAP 520 – Temporary Import Application. A copy of the abovementioned application can be obtained from us or downloaded from the SAPS Website at To speed up the process at the police station this application can then be filled in beforehand.


Instructions for filling in the SAP 520 Application:

  • Black ink must be used
  • Application form must be left unsigned until the document is finalized in front of the South African police official issuing the actual permit.
  • Section D, E, G, I and J must be completed

Additional requirements:
1. Return airline ticket
2. Flight details and identity
3. Passport
4. Other supporting documentation which might be needed:

  • Proof of ownership – firearm licenses, documentary proof etc.
  • Proof of export
  • Motivation letter from client stating that he/she is temporarily importing the referred firearm for the purpose of hunting
  • Invitation letter from the Outfitter which includes the full name, full contact details, address, dates and location where the client will be hunting and confirming that the client will be using the specific firearm as applied for.

Important firearm/ammunition requirements and specifications:
1. Not more than one firearm per caliber per applicant is allowed. An exception to this rule where a client brings in more than one shotgun of the same caliber into the country for bird hunting purposes and he can produce acceptable written motivation as to why he needs more than one rifle of the same caliber.
2. Not more than 200 rounds per caliber per applicant are allowed
3. Applicants are however allowed a maximum of two firearms as long as the calibers differ.
4. Firearms must bear the manufacturers’ serial number and the identification number must be stamped on the barrel or the frame of the receiver.
5. Handguns are only allowed for hunting purposes.
6. Applicants must be 21 years of age to apply for a SAP 520.
7. There is no permit required by the SAPS for a bow.
8. A Temporary Import Permit shall not be issued for a period exceeding six months at a time.
9. The following are considered prohibited firearms:

  • Fully automatic firearms
  • Semi automatic firearms – an exception to this is that a semi automatic shotgun for hunting purposes may be allowed if a application is made at least 21 days prior to arrival through the Central Firearms register
  • Handgun for self-defense
  • Firearms falling under military categories

Please note:
Do not pay for any services regarding the handling of firearms at Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airports. The issuing of the SAP 520 is a free service and you are asked not to pay anyone involved in handling firearms.

Make sure when booking your airline tickets that your travel agent allows at least three hours time between the arrival of your international flight and the departures of your domestic flight to Port Elizabeth with South African Airways(SAA) – NOT SAFAIR. This will give you sufficient time in hand to clear customs unhurriedly.